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Personal Goal Essay

My purpose for seeking a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership is to expand my knowledge of theory and research methods as it pertains to education Being a seasoned professional in the field of education as a Master Teacher for fifteen years, and having been exposed to different challenges in teaching the learners and leading the school, I had this profound realization on the critical tasks of education in this age of globalization. The way schools are led and managed is changing. The types of school leaders and governing bodies that exist today are far more diverse than they once were; and they will continue to develop given the fast-paced movement of modern technology which affects how people and society evolve nowadays. Hence, this complexity calls for leaders with exemplary leadership style that are worth emulating for others so as to make a real distinction in the lives of many people, not only in a community, but for the country, as a whole. Educational leadership and management as a field of inquiry play a significant role in the improvement of schools; leveraging learning outcomes; and enhancing instructional competence of students. In schools, high performance rating and high literacy rates among their clienteles connotes success in one’s governance in education, thus, in making relevance to the system, educational leaders need to exercise certain leadership models that are truly manifesting merit in order to achieve its goals. And I think I already have what it takes to become a leader who can have the knowledge and skills to make these goals a reality.

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Essay on Marketing Branding

Essay on Marketing Branding Question 1: INTRODUCTION: Brand equity is developed when consumers are willing to pay more for a particular brand rather than its generic equivalent. It is important to develop positive brand meaning and people perceptions about brand to create brand equity. In this situation, presented brand by company, external brand communication, consumers experience with brand and company count in a lot to create total brand equity. Companies develop differently effective ways of secondary brand association to build brand equity. In this report, it has been discussed that how various companies develop the secondary brand association like Coca-Cola. The Cola-Cola company manufactures and markets a wide variety of beverages with around 500 nonalcoholic brands of beverages including sparkling and still beverages. The still beverages include water, juices, enhanced waters, juice drinks, coffees, teas, sport drinks and energy drinks. This company has used variety of effective ways to develop secondary brand association to gai n brand equity. In the end, report has presented the recommended ways to use secondary brand association more effectively so as to build up powerful brand equity. SECONDARY BRAND ASSOCIATION: Secondary brand association is defined as connecting a brand with any other business that may affect the creation of new brand associations with the businesses but also influence existing associations. It is more like a function of marketing-branding. Brand image, brand awareness and brand meaning have their direct impacts on brand equity. Secondary brand association transmits the equity of various businesses to the brand in consideration. Consumers judge the brand value on the basis of brand elements that are associated directly and primarily with the underlying product, for instance, physical features, packaging and colors, and instrumental characteristics. However, these judgments can also be based on secondary or indirect associations, which refer to associations related to businesses rather than directly connected to judge a product. These businesses include various companies, their countries of origin, distribution channels, spokesperson and brands. The connection of brand to the secondary entity or business causes to create secondary brand associations as this entity has its own image and knowledge structure in the minds of consumers. Therefore, in order to obtain brand value, consumer can borrow information from different information sources instead of a complete product itself. When quality of the product begi ns to create uniformity or when judgments comprise of low-involvement activities, secondary brand association becomes important. Currently, Keller (1998) described that in order to build well-organized brand building processes in extremely competitive marketplaces, it is mandatory to understand and identify cognitive factors that affect association process and brand-levering process which relates to the effects on consumers caused by associating a brand to a secondary entity. COCA-COLA BRAND: The Coca-Cola Company is a U.S. based beverage company that was incorporated on 5 September, 1919. The company manufactures and markets a wide variety of beverages with around 500 nonalcoholic brands of beverages including sparkling and still beverages. The still beverages include water, juices, enhanced waters, juice drinks, coffees, teas, sport drinks and energy drinks. The company is widely segmented in Africa and Eurasia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Pacific, Corporate and Bottling Investment. The Sparkling beverages of Coca-Cola Company count in Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Light/ Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Inca Kola, Barq’s, Thums Up, Fresca and Schweppes. Nos, Burn and Real Gold come under the company’s energy drink categories whereas the category of juices and juice drinks incorporate Minute Maid, Dell Valle, Minute Maid Pulppy, Hi-C, Simply, Dobriy and Cappy. Coca-cola has intensified its still beverages category by adding vitamin water, glaceau and Fuze. On the other hand, teas and coffees segment include a wide range of teas like Leao / Matte Leao teas, Georgia coffees, Nestea teas, Ayataka teas, Dogadan teas and Sokenbicha teas. Its sports drinks include Aquarius and Powerade are its sports drinks. The Company incorporates Dasani, Ciel, Kinley, Bonaqua or Bonaqa, and Ice Dew brands in the category of Coca-Cola’s waters. Coca-Cola Company operates at international level in more than 200 countries (The Coca-Cola Company a, 2014), due to which its competitors include wide range of strong competitors from around the world. Competitors include Nestle, PepsiCo, Inc., Groupe Danone, Unilever, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. and Kraft Foods Inc. The company’s operations are growing day by day and currently serve 1.9 billion people daily across the world (The Coca-Cola Company a, 2014). Its operating revenues were totaled as $46.9 billion in 2013 (The Coca-Cola Company b, 2014). SECONDARY BRAND ASSOCIATION BUILT BY THE COCA-COLA COMPANY: Hence to leverage brand equity, the Coca-Cola Company uses various convenient and successful ways to build secondary brand association. The following are the ways, company has built secondary brand association while introducing its new product Diet Coke in 1986. Country of Origin: The Coca-Cola, being an American multinational company, it generates favorable and strong brand associations to generate huge revenues for its new product. America is the most dominating market in the beverage industry which is recognized for carbonated drinks across the world. According to the Reputation Institution (2013), America has developed reputation of 57.4 on a scale of 100. Coca-Cola is ranked as the number 1 global brand which has proved that consumers have excellent knowledge about company and its brands. This signifies that consumers have a high level of familiarity and trust with the Coca-Cola Company and its brands which lead the consumers to react in a favorable way. Brand Extension: Developing extensions of the brand is far more favorable in terms of cost for the company than to produce a complete new product. Diet Coke is a successful example of brand extension that promoted from the brand franchise of the parent product, Coca-Cola. It has launched around six extensions and increases its market share without even substantial advertisements. This helped the company with regards to advertising and promotional activities, customer perceived image, distribution and consumption behaviour of consumers. Co-branding: Coca-Cola Company has used many other bodies to sell it products, for example, using Ford Mustang convertible, candy red 1966 in its summer campaign. Similarly, it used co-branding as a secondary brand association market approach again while introducing Diet Coke in the market. For this strategy, Jean Paul was appointed as creative director for its new brand (London, 2012). As Jean Paul is a famous luxury fashion designer, consumers relate this association with Diet Coke as a health and diet conscious brand. Coca-Cola successfully targeted young women and girls and linked them with fashion and style. Moreover, company also embraced advance technologies by offering Diet Coke coupons on every purchase of make-up tutorials at Facebook (Waltzer, 2012). To better associate Diet Coke campaign with style and fashion, company refreshed the brand image and made it appealing for individual fashionistas (Keller, 2012). Sponsorship: Diet Coke has been involved in numerous sponsorship activities around the world. Heart Truth Campaign has remained actively supported by Diet coke in association with the national heart and blood institute which contributed to brand equity. Coke also sponsored Ugly Betty as its secondary brand association strategy to enhance its brand awareness among its potential customers. According to 2012 report, Diet Coke also sponsored a TV show ‘Style to Rock’, produced by Rhianna which boosted the fashion awareness and discovered fashion creativity among people of London (Anon, 2012). On top of all that, Diet Coke has signed another sponsorship with Taylor Swift to improve its sales. Third Party: Diet Coke has improved its world-wide brand image due to its environmentally responsible operations (Keller, 2008). This has led to creating a positive and constructive perception and attitude of consumers towards Diet Coke. In addition, Lowe (2013) reported that Coca-Cola Company has won The Coveted Sustainable Pack annual prize at the UK Packaging Awards due to its plastic recyclable bottle plant. Distribution Channels: Company uses extensive means of distribution to make certain the availability of Diet coke everywhere. For instance, McDonalds, serving Diet Coke in white plastic cup and Pizza Express is serving drink in a glass bottle. Extensive distribution affects the perceptions of consumers and changes the purchasing behavior. RECOMMENDED WAYS TO USE SECONDARY BRAND ASSOCIATION TO DEVELOP BRAND EQUITY: Despite intellectual market strategies of Diet Coke regarding secondary brand association, there are many other ways to ensure secondary brand association so as to develop brand equity. Employees: Employees are the representatives of the company and so they are the sort of secondary brand association. Employees, particularly sales person and contractual dealers of the company need to be well aware of their customers’ perceptions, brand image, cultural, religious and traditional values of the customers. In this way, employees can give a constructive impression upon customers on behalf of the entire company. Moreover, well-dressed and behaved employees form a striking image of their company which tends to attract the potential customers. Endorsers: Celebrity endorsement is one of the best way to draw consumers’ attention towards Diet Coke. It can help Coca-Cola Company to re-shape the perceptions of its brands. People relate their feelings, judgments, and associate emotions with celebrities. Many people consume products so as just to get associated with their favorite celebrity somehow. Ingredient Branding: It is co-branding strategy in which company major attributes of one brand are incorporated as ingredients into another brand. Coca-Cola can increase brand equity by inferring a message to consumers about the shared quality of two brands in one. Also, this uniformity reduces risk while targeting new markets. Moreover, it gives an edge over others as product is highly differentiated firm others. However, it is necessary to use the unique logo of the ingredient on the host brand to stand distinctive. Licensing: It is an appropriate method to grab the attention of customers by using logos and names of reputable firms with owned brand under contractual agreement. For this, company would have to pay fixed fee but can benefit a great deal. For example, Coca-Cola using name of famous brands like five-star restaurants, fashion apparels, etc. CONCLUSION: Secondary brand association deals with connecting a brand with any other entity that may affect the development of new brand associations with the businesses but also influence existing associations. While introducing a new product ‘Diet Coke, the Coca-Cola Company has used successful ways to develop secondary brand association. Country of origin, co-branding, brand extension, sponsorship, third party, channel of distribution are the successful implementations of Coca-Cola Company to build brand equity for its new product ‘Diet Coke. As a result, now consumers accept Diet Coke as a low-calorie brand and associate with the style, fashion, diet and health. However, despite impressive market strategies, it is recommended that the Coca-Cola Company must use people, ingredient branding and licensing technique as well to create productive secondary branding association. Question 2: INTRODUCTION: As the world is transforming into a global village, the technology is upgrading with every second passed. This has altered the ways of doing businesses across the world. Some businesses have been able to cope up with the challenges, and some have failed ruthlessly in this corporate arena. The phase of failing and then vanishing from the market is called fading brand. In this section, a case of Myspace has been undertaken which is currently going through revitalizing process to earn back its prior position. Myspace is a social media website that has enjoyed its dominance over all other social media websites with the highest visiting members in the world up to the period of 2008. In 2006, Myspace reached its peak success with the most visitors and following audience in the United States. Then eventually in 2008, Facebook has replaced the brand equity of Myspace and claimed to be the most famous social networking website. Consequently, Myspace has lost its visitors, and thus the need of revitalizing arose. This section of the report has presented the reasons of revitalizing and efforts made by company to revitalize its brand equity, followed by suggestions to Myspace with respect to revitalization. FADING BRAND: Fading or losing brand refers to those brands that lose their identity in the course of profit generation activities. It is the phase of a brand in which it accumulates losses rather than generating profits. By word fading means losing, evaporating or vanishing. This clearly refers to something that has vanished and no more in existence. It is a failure of a company or brand that could not make enough profits to continue its operations and run its business in a competitive market. A brand fades and vanishes when it starts to lose its market share. Hence, the brands which start to lose its colors and die away need to revitalize their strategies, brands and company in order to recapture their core identity and customer value. INTRODUCTION OF MYSPACE: Myspace, a social media website, was launched in August 2003, where people can login and create their profile and perform their social activities such as live chatting, music, videos, etc. the company’s headquarter is located in Beverly Hills, California. With the outstanding growth, Myspace surpassed the user activity in 2004. It was the year when Facebook came into existence as its strong competitor. The company was established by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe and later in 2005, News Corporation acquired the company for $580 million (Peterson, 2013). For the next three years, company enjoyed its dominance over all other social media websites with the highest visiting members in the world. In 2006, Myspace reached its peak success which went beyond highest visits more than Google and any other company in the United States. Eventually, its users started to scatter and turned to Facebook users. Later in 2008, Facebook has replaced the brand equity of Myspace and claimed to be the most famous social networking website. An actor and singer Justin Timberlake in association with Specific media brought the company huge revenues of $35 million which helped to increase the brand awareness by 72% in 2011 (Peterson, 2013). Also, the company undertook intensive layoffs which reduced the employees from 1600 to 200 only (Peterson, 2013). According to current reports, company has revived to generate higher income and increase its visitors. In 2013, Myspace tried to adjust the direction of the company image. Up to the last year, company had 25 million users only whereas its competitor Facebook had 1.11 billion users (Peterson, 2013). At this point, Myspace revitalized its strategies and changed its focus from social networking website to music media community. By then, company raised its U.S. visitors to 1 million in 2014 (Peterson, 2013). REVITALIZING BRAND EQUITY: Brand revitalizing refers to re-launching of brands that undertake complete change of a product or company which include logo, name, corporate culture, values, colors, image, in-fact from a wholesale to the heritage entity (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011). Undoubtedly, this rebranding and revitalization intensively affect the perceptions of target market about the brand image. It is a process to reshape the image by giving it new name, alter its structure in order to increase revenues and generate profits. It is necessary to develop its positioning properly so as to generate constant growth of the brand to revitalize the brand. This enables companies to lead the market as well as achieve competitive edge in the market. The process of brand revitalization involves the recapturing of lost foundations of brand equity and determination and production of new foundations of brand equity. It is important to put some new life in a failing or fading brand instead of selling off or launching an entirely new brand. This signifies the concept of maintaining the company’s expertise and market leadership while staying meaningful to an ever-changing consumer audience and their demands. In order to sustain for a long run, it is mandatory for businesses to keep in view the past and positive eye to the future. Through revitalization, company can enhance its brand value and attract more potential customers. Thus, this will help to increase sales volume with positive brand image. REASONS FOR REVITALIZING THE BRAND: The central reasons why a Myspace should go through revitalization process are as follows: Relevance: Brands have to be updated as according to the changing customer needs. Myspace has lost its relevancy with their target market with respect to their services, convenience, accessibility, technology, changing customers’ perceptions and trends. Competition: With the emergence of strong competitors like Facebook, Myspace required to come up with some new offerings in order to attract the potential customers. Revitalizing can help the company to hinder competitors by providing quality services. Globalization: Since numerous social media websites were being created with unique specifications than ever before, it was significant for the company to rebrand itself and bring some new specification in their services to cater large audience. Innovation: Technological change is a major reason behind failure or success of the brand. It depends on the company how well it can cope up with the technological revolution. Myspace involves in business that deals with internet, software, hardware and the products which frequently innovates. Such companies need to rebrand and alter their operations with a greater extent. Repositioning: Repositioning can be another reason that causes the company to revitalize its brand. In this case, company introduces some major changes in brands to capture the new position in the market. For instance, shifting from economy prices to premium prices. Rationalization: This refers to the process of rebranding in order to counter lower profits or losing customer value. Myspace was encountering decline in customer visits and thus its profits, revitalizing the brand is the best way out to decrease operational cost and enhance profits. Outgrowth: When companies are growing into large entities, they need frequently to rebrand or revitalize its brands to satisfy the changing needs of customers. Myspace also needed to rebrand to meet the requirements of increased audience, and industry expansion. CHARACTERIZE THE EFFORTS OF MYSPACE TO REVITALIZE ITS BRAND EQUITY: After analyzing the strong need of revitalizing the brand, Myspace incorporated some major changes in the brand and brand strategies to improve its brand equity. The efforts of Myspace at revitalizing brand equity are listed as follows: Company changed its styling in brand name which used to denote MySpace with capital S in the middle before revitalization. In 2011, company changed the S into lower case, now the brand name is written as Myspace. After revitalizing, 72% of the people recognized the brand name. Myspace is still looking to appeal these 72% by offering quality and competitive services (Wesson, 2012). Myspace is putting its efforts to introduce revitalized brand into an expanded industry and competitive market. Company is largely focusing on new ideas; concepts to make Myspace totally different from previous one. It has widely ignored the ideas that were associated with the old Myspace. Company has increased its focus on music related stuffs and developed it as the most distinguishing factor of the company. Company has developed the site to maintain music orientation. Company has recently signed with the four well-renowned music labels along with over 20,000-self-regulating labels. Company is now aiming to introduce original profiles of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie with encyclopedic information about them. This will make easier for follower to navigate them (Swartz, n.d.). Playdom, a social gaming firm, has helped Myspace to give a boost to its gaming sector. Company has launched various games including Wild Ones, Shoot- ‘em up and many other with the intention to increase game users from 30% to at least 50% (Swartz, n.d.). Myspace has created effective entertainment news services regarding music, movies, entertainment and other relevant entertainment stuff through constant Twitter posts Facebook statuses. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE BRAND REVITALIZATION: In order to revitalize its brand equity effectively, some suggestions have been offered to Myspace which are as follow: The company Myspace should introduce and implement co-branding strategy with other prominent music companies for example Apples’s iTunes. This initiative can make website more appealing than any other amongst a music follower community. Subsequently, it will help the company to bring more audience and increase brand equity. Set a platform for upcoming or emerging talent around the world to post their created music and videos related to music directly, like youtube offers. This will increase the brand awareness among music lovers with every single second pass. Moreover, this will help out producers to look for new talent online by viewing videos and music of new talent. Continue to generate new ideas regarding appealing web development and employ them on the company’s site frequently. The ideas must be relevant to music to attract music interested community. Company can successfully redevelop a strong brand image amongst its customers and potential customers by enforcing innovation and continuous development. Expand the market in music and videos capitals Focus on brand exclusively to developing the brand into most desirable one. CONCLUSION: Revitalizing refers to giving a new life to the dying brand by changing brand related strategies, altering brand appearance, bringing innovation in the processes and making the system more technologically sound. This helps to regain the brand value which was lost due to some failures in the operations. Through revitalization, company can enhance its brand value and attract more potential customers. Thus, this will help to increase sales volume with positive brand image. As the business operations began to fade, Myspace ultimately thought of revitalizing the brand equity. Company has changed the styling of its brand name to gain its value back. Some the strategies used by the company include uploaded the profiles of world’s famous musicians with their bio-data, offered innovative services such as entertainment news, developed the site more like music oriented site, launched online games and much more. As a result, this helped the company to increase the number of visitors with one million in just one year. References Anon. (2012). Rihanna and Diet Coke Ready to Rock. Sky Media, Available from: [Accessed 26 July 2014]. Grace, D., O’cass, A. (2002). Brand associations: looking through the eye of the beholder.  Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal,  vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 96-111. Keller, K. (1998). Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity. NJ: Pearson Education. Keller, K. L. (2008). Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations To Build Brand Equity. In: Parker, D Strategic Brand Management. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Keller, K. L., Parameswaran, M. G., Jacob, I. (2011).  Strategic brand management: Building, measuring, and managing brand equity. Pearson Education India. Keller, K.L Aperia, T Georgson, M. (2012). Using Secondary Brand Associations To Build Brand Equity: Strategic Brand Management A European Perspective. 2nd ed. England: Prentice Hall. pp. 314-373. London, B. (2012). Jean Paul Gaultier Joins The New Tattoo Trend With New Diet Coke Bottle Creations.  Daily Mail, Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2014] Lowe, L. (2013). Coke’s Recyclable Plastic Bottle Wins Award (Infographic). Available from: [Accessed 23 July 2014]. Peterson, T. (2013). MySpaces Music-Centered Relaunch Turned Up Volume, But Is Anybody Listening?. Adage, Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2014]. Reputation Institution. (2013). Canada Has The World’s Best Reputation According To Reputation Institute’s 2013 Country Reptrakâ„ ¢ Study. Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2014] Swartz, J. (n.d.). Once-fading MySpace Focuses on Youthful Reincarnation. Monster, Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2014]. The Coca-Cola Company a. (2014). Coca-Cola At A Glance. Retrieved July 9, 2014, from The Coca-Cola Company b. (2014). Infographic and Video:  Coca-Cola  At A Glance. Retrieved July 9, 2014, from Waltzer, M. (2012). Diet Coke Sees Fashionable Benefit to Co-Branding. Brand Channel, Available from: [Accessed 26 July 2014]. Wesson, M. (2012). Breakthrough Marketing Strategy Lessons From†¦ Myspace?. Business 2 Community, Available from:!blCv8k [Accessed 25 July 2014]

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Drugs Alcohol Case Study - 1784 Words

CASE STUDY Brian is married with two teenage children. He set up his own company, a packaging business 10 years ago, and has worked hard to make it viable. During this time his use of alcohol has increased. He currently uses alcohol on a daily basis and often consumes a 1.5L of bottle of spirits a day. He hides this from his wife, but she has recently wanted to talk about this, and is angry and frustrated with him. A recent back injury prompted him to go to his GP, who prescribed a codeine based analgesic. The cause of Brian’s heavy drinking falls into both the psychological and social components of the bio/psycho/social model. Although there is no evidence of a biological link in the case study, it is possible that there might be a†¦show more content†¦What’s more, the business might see a decline in production with an increase of financial problems, therefore leading to Brian’s business in receivership. The internal influences that prevent Brian from changing are that: the substances help to calm him down and relax him. He can forget problems at home. It makes him feel more confident in social situations plus it makes him good company. Alcohol helps him to function properly and stay in control. Cost of change will only make Brian Feel more depressed and anxious, have low self esteem, Feel he won’t have anyway of relaxing, therefore increasing stress, Afraid that he won’t fit anywhere therefore forced to change social life. TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR CLIENT The Treatment method I would recommend for Brian is the Motivational Interviewing technique. It’s a non-confrontational way of talking and interacting with clients to motivate them to talk openly about their drinking, and to help them decide if changes are necessary. The main objective of this interview is to gather information in order to assess which of the services will best benefit Brian. Because Brian is not willing to give up his alcohol completely, I believe a harm reduction approach would be appropriate for him. WHY? †¢ Because the focus of a harm reduction is on minimizing risks and harmful consequences, and the goals are realistic. There’s human dignity in that it respects the right of Brian to decide whether to continue to drinkShow MoreRelatedDrugs Alcohol Case Study1791 Words   |  8 PagesCASE STUDY Brian is married with two teenage children. He set up his own company, a packaging business 10 years ago, and has worked hard to make it viable. During this time his use of alcohol has increased. He currently uses alcohol on a daily basis and often consumes a 1.5L of bottle of spirits a day. He hides this from his wife, but she has recently wanted to talk about this, and is angry and frustrated with him. A recent back injury prompted him to go to his GP, who prescribed a codeine basedRead MoreCase Study Formulation Drug and Alcohol1248 Words   |  5 Pagesthat cannabis was not a drug of addiction, it is now recognized that cannabis use can lead to substance dependence, according to the internationally accepted DSM-IV definition of ‘substance dependence’ . . With this knowledge in mind, Rick could possibly display withdrawal symptoms such as †¢ Irritability †¢ Frustration †¢ Anxiety †¢ Compulsion to smoke Cannabis 1 presenting problem Rick: Rick appears to have substance use disorder traits; his drug of choice is Cannabis. Read MoreMarijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol1183 Words   |  5 PagesMarijuana has been proven to be safer than alcohol, yet marijuana is against the law. Alcohol is known to contribute to acts of violence and crime, while in most cases cannabis can reduce aggression in its users. â€Å"In last year’s cases of reported violent crime three million offenders had been drinking. Almost all cases of date rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence had some kind of connection to alcohol† (Medical Fact: Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol, 2009). Marijuana has not been linked orRead MoreAlcohol the Most Lethal Drug Essay1426 Words   |  6 PagesAlcohol is the most lethal drug causing injuries, health problems and even deaths to people worldwide. Most people think that because cocaine, heroine and bang are not legalized then they are the most dangerous drugs but this is untrue. Alcohol is the only drug which can cause sudden death to the user in relation to its effects. Taking an example, people drinking in a bar are more likely to engage in a fight and eventually harm one another while somebody using cocaine will be at lower risk of engagingRead MoreEssay on Alcohol vs Marijuana1537 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol vs Marijuana There is no culture in the history of mankind that did not ever use some kind (kinds) of drugs. Despite the well-known consequences of drug addiction, millions of people constantly consume different legal and illegal drugs. Affecting peoples mind and changing their behavior, drugs become one of the most threatening factors of social risk, resulting in increasing rates of mortality, aggressive and criminal behavior, and dissolution of social ties. This paper is devoted toRead MoreGabapentin Versus Lorazepam: Which Drug Is More Effective in the Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal?1096 Words   |  5 Pagesand there has been ongoing research to seek out drugs that could effectively help to treat alcoholism, acute and long-term. According to an article by Johnson, Swift, Addolorato, Ciraulo, and Myrick (2005), a challenge has been to identify medications that not only reduce the rewarding effects of alcohol, but the dependence, post cessation craving, and the withdrawal craving. Lorazepam and gabapentin have been used for the detoxification of alcohol dependent patients. Lorazepam is a type of benzodiazepineRead MoreThe Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children1364 Words   |  6 Pagesthink about the consequences of bullying, but studies have shown that students who are bullied at school in grades 7-12 are 50% more likely to abuse substances (Promises Treatment Center). Bullying is the act of physical or verbal tormenting over a set amount of time, usually targeted at one person or a group of people. Bullying is an international issue that ruins the victim s emotional well-being. Those who are victims of bullying can turn to drugs or other substances as a form of coping; peopleRead MoreAdolescent Drug Abuse1306 Words   |  6 PagesAdolescent Drug Abuse I.) Introduction: Crack, booze, pot, crystal- from the inner city to the suburbs to small towns, the world of the adolescent is permeated by drugs. When a little harmless experimentation becomes addiction, parents, teachers, and clinicians are often at a loss. For this age group (roughly ages 13 to 23), traditional substance abuse programs simply are not enough (Nowinski, inside cover). Today s society provides many challenges for adolescents that ourRead MoreAlcohol as a Gateway Essays779 Words   |  4 PagesAlcohol and heavy drinking throughout Canada plays a distinctive role in instigating other key addictions. Drinking and consumption abuse can be linked strongly to the abuse of illicit drugs. Binge drinking should be seen as a gateway or portal to the development of poly-drug users. As the gateway drug theory suggests, routine use of less harmful drugs, in this case alcohol, will lead to risk of abusing more serious drugs. Alcohol is so readily available and like any other psychoactive drug it canRead MoreFetal Alcohol Syndrome And The Future Generation877 Words   |  4 PagesFAS better known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be prevented in any case. Women who openly drink alcohol or take drugs while knowing they are pregnant should in fact be found as a criminal. A law was put into effect this previous July in Tennessee stating that in the case you to ok drugs or drank while pregnant, you will be charged as a criminal and will be thrown into jail. Merrill Miller (2014) wrote the article What Are Mothers to Do? How a New Tennessee Law Criminalizes Pregnancy and Promotes Religion

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Erikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development Essay

Psychosocial Development â€Å"Erik Erickson (1902-1994) was best known for his work on stages of psychosocial development and identity crisis† (Cherry, A Brief Biography of His Remarkable Life, 2016). Erickson was able to gain a clear focus on children and was able to interpret what he was seeing by observing children throughout the life, including events of childhood, adulthood, and old age. Erikson s theory posits that every human being passes through several distinct and qualitatively different stages in life, from birth to death. According to him, the stages are universal, and the ages which one is said to have passed from one to another stage are also fairly universal (Ramkumar, 2002). Erikson developed eight stages of psychosocial development that analysis personality, behavior and understanding for facilitating personal development of self and others. Erikson s theory demonstrates that individuals face challenges in each stage of development and may not reach their milestones. According to Erikson, although there is a predominant issue at each stage, the stages are not watertight. Issues of one stage overlap with issues of another; how one has dealt with earlier issues determines how one will resolve later issues (Ramkumar, 2002). Autonomy vs. Shame There are two types of stages within the Early Childhood development; Autonomy vs. Shame and Initiative vs. Guilt. Autonomy vs. Shame range from two to three years of age and begin to explore their world. This age isShow MoreRelatedErikson s Psychosocial Theory And Psychosocial Development1561 Words   |  7 PagesTheories and Theorists Theories are the building blocks of psychology. Theories whether old or new has allowed us to know what we know now. There are many theories in the field of psychology or educational psychology that are important to further understand human behavior. However, this paper will focus on only two theories which are; Erikson’s psychosocial theory and Alfred Adler’s Adlerian theory. Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development has always been a great contribution to the field of psychologyRead MoreErikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development Essay2534 Words   |  11 PagesErik Erikson is a developmental psychologist that was prominent in 1963 who provided a framework that is used as a basis of understanding adolescent mind’s journey through psychosocial development. Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development is rooted in a belief that social aspects of development hold a greater importance than the physical and biological. Erikson didn’t see an endpoint in his theory, as throughout life a person keeps developing. As such Erikson’s theory has a total of 8 stagesRead MoreErikson s Psychosocial Development Theory Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pagesas well as being looked at through different developmental theories. Many pages in the Individuals and Families, Diverse Perspectives (Holloway, Holloway Witte, 2010) will be used to help relate the primary research to the secondary research of this project. The ways of socializing children will be mentioned as well as the concept of teaching morals and values to children and how it can be explained through different developmental theories. Teaching morals and values to children can be explainedRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development Essay1177 Words   |  5 Pages Erik Erikson was born in Greman in 1902-1994, American psychoanalyst; known for psychosocial theory of emotional development of human beings. His theory looks at the impact of parents and society on personality development from childhood to adulthood. Erikson believes, each person has to pass through a series of eight stages over there entire life cycle. I will look at the first 3 stages that cover the childhood years. There are set of conflict at each stage, which allows individual to developRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development884 Words   |  4 PagesErik Erikson Erik Erikson was born June 15, 1902. Erikson is best-known for his famous theory of psychosocial development and the concept of the identity crisis. His theories marked an important shift in thinking on personality; instead of focusing simply on early childhood event, his psychosocial theory looked at how social influences contribute to personality throughout the entire lifespan. Erik Erikson died May 12, 1994 due to prostate cancer. (Erik Erikson, 2015). Stages of Psychosocial DevelopmentRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development1445 Words   |  6 PagesErik Erikson was an ego psychologists who developed one of the utmost popular and prominent theories of development. While Erikson’s theory was influenced by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud s work, Erikson s theory centered on psychosocial development rather than psychosexual development. Erik Erikson s theory of psychosocial development is one of the best-known theories of personality in psychology. Much like Sigmund Freud, Erikson believed that personality develops in a series of stages. UnlikeRead MoreErik Erikson s Psychosocial Development Theory1518 Words   |  7 PagesABSTRACT This research paper will show a thorough review of Erik Erikson s Psychosocial Development Theory, specifically the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Psychosocial Development, according to Erik Erikson, is a continuity of crisis throughout our lifespan; these challenges will shape our personality and the way we perceive our surroundings. In addition to this, the different stages mentioned in this Theory complement each other and help us to develop the tools to achieve a sense ofRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development Essay1366 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Erik Erikson (1902-1994) provided a new perspective of psychosocial behavior and development while expanding on the works of other theorists. Erikson believed there to be eight stages of psychosocial development which a person transitions through. These stages start at birth and end with old age/death. Erikson’s work is used throughout many outlets of social work. Social workers use this information to help them figure out what is going on with clients and how best to help them. Erikson providesRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory Of Psychosocial Development1818 Words   |  8 Pagesinfluential theories in developmental psychology, which is Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development. It is a very interesting theory, and although it was influenced by Sigmund Freud, it centers more on the social component rather than the psychosexual stand of Freud. According to Erikson, our personal development occurs as we interact daily with others and have new experiences that shape us throughout our lives. This paper will review the eight stages of the psychosocial theory: 1. TrustRead MoreErikson s Theory For Psychosocial Development1000 Words   |  4 PagesErikson was a theorist who focused on his theory for psychosocial development. The article Psychosocial Identity Development Theories, highlights the keys points and idea of Erikson’s psychosocial theory. Erikson was very focused on the idea of ego identity and obtaining full potential. His theory or â€Å"model† stats that, â€Å"identity formation is based on overcoming conflicts that individuals encounter during adolescent and early childhood.†(Karkouti, 2014, p.257) He believed that all people must endure

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The Da Vinci Code Chapter 100-101 Free Essays

CHAPTER 100 Bishop Manuel Aringarosa’s body had endured many kinds of pain, and yet the searing heat of the bullet wound in his chest felt profoundly foreign to him. Deep and grave. Not a wound of the flesh†¦ but closer to the soul. We will write a custom essay sample on The Da Vinci Code Chapter 100-101 or any similar topic only for you Order Now He opened his eyes, trying to see, but the rain on his face blurred his vision. Where am I? He could feel powerful arms holding him, carrying his limp body like a rag doll, his black cassock flapping. Lifting a weary arm, he mopped his eyes and saw the man holding him was Silas. The great albino was struggling down a misty sidewalk, shouting for a hospital, his voice a heartrending wail of agony. His red eyes were focused dead ahead, tears streaming down his pale, blood-spattered face. â€Å"My son,† Aringarosa whispered,† you’re hurt.† Silas glanced down, his visage contorted in anguish. â€Å"I am so very sorry, Father.† He seemed almost too pained to speak. â€Å"No, Silas,† Aringarosa replied. â€Å"It is I who am sorry. This is my fault.† The Teacher promised me there would be no killing, and I told you to obey him fully. â€Å"I was too eager. Too fearful. You and I were deceived.† The Teacher was never going to deliver us the Holy Grail. Cradled in the arms of the man he had taken in all those years ago, Bishop Aringarosa felt himself reel back in time. To Spain. To his modest beginnings, building a small Catholic church in Oviedo with Silas. And later, to New York City, where he had proclaimed the glory of God with the towering Opus Dei Center on Lexington Avenue. Five months ago, Aringarosa had received devastating news. His life’s work was in jeopardy. He recalled, with vivid detail, the meeting inside Castel Gandolfo that had changed his life†¦ the news that had set this entire calamity into motion. Aringarosa had entered Gandolfo’s Astronomy Library with his head held high, fully expecting to be lauded by throngs of welcoming hands, all eager to pat him on the back for his superior work representing Catholicism in America. But only three people were present. The Vatican secretariat. Obese. Dour. Two high-ranking Italian cardinals. Sanctimonious. Smug. â€Å"Secretariat?† Aringarosa said, puzzled. The rotund overseer of legal affairs shook Aringarosa’s hand and motioned to the chair opposite him. â€Å"Please, make yourself comfortable.† Aringarosa sat, sensing something was wrong. â€Å"I am not skilled in small talk, Bishop,† the secretariat said,† so let me be direct about the reason for your visit.† â€Å"Please. Speak openly.† Aringarosa glanced at the two cardinals, who seemed to be measuring him with self-righteous anticipation. â€Å"As you are well aware,† the secretariat said,† His Holiness and others in Rome have been concerned lately with the political fallout from Opus Dei’s more controversial practices.† Aringarosa felt himself bristle instantly. He already had been through this on numerous occasions with the new pontiff, who, to Aringarosa’s great dismay, had turned out to be a distressingly fervent voice for liberal change in the Church. â€Å"I want to assure you,† the secretariat added quickly,† that His Holiness does not seek to change anything about the way you run your ministry.† I should hope not!† Then why am I here?† The enormous man sighed. â€Å"Bishop, I am not sure how to say this delicately, so I will state it directly. Two days ago, the Secretariat Council voted unanimously to revoke the Vatican’s sanction of Opus Dei.† Aringarosa was certain he had heard incorrectly. â€Å"I beg your pardon?† â€Å"Plainly stated, six months from today, Opus Dei will no longer be considered a prelature of the Vatican. You will be a church unto yourself. The Holy See will be disassociating itself from you. His Holiness agrees and we are already drawing up the legal papers.† â€Å"But†¦ that is impossible!† â€Å"On the contrary, it is quite possible. And necessary. His Holiness has become uneasy with your aggressive recruiting policies and your practices of corporal mortification.† He paused. â€Å"Also your policies regarding women. Quite frankly, Opus Dei has become a liability and an embarrassment.† Bishop Aringarosa was stupefied. â€Å"An embarrassment?† â€Å"Certainly you cannot be surprised it has come to this.† â€Å"Opus Dei is the only Catholic organization whose numbers are growing! We now have over eleven hundred priests!† â€Å"True. A troubling issue for us all.† Aringarosa shot to his feet. â€Å"Ask His Holiness if Opus Dei was an embarrassment in 1982 when we helped the Vatican Bank!† â€Å"The Vatican will always be grateful for that,† the secretariat said, his tone appeasing,† and yet there are those who still believe your financial munificence in 1982 is the only reason you were granted prelature status in the first place.† â€Å"That is not true!† The insinuation offended Aringarosa deeply. â€Å"Whatever the case, we plan to act in good faith. We are drawing up severance terms that will include a reimbursement of those monies. It will be paid in five installments.† â€Å"You are buying me off?† Aringarosa demanded. â€Å"Paying me to go quietly? When Opus Dei is the only remaining voice of reason!† One of the cardinals glanced up. â€Å"I’m sorry, did you say reason?† Aringarosa leaned across the table, sharpening his tone to a point. â€Å"Do you really wonder why Catholics are leaving the Church? Look around you, Cardinal. People have lost respect. The rigors of faith are gone. The doctrine has become a buffet line. Abstinence, confession, communion, baptism, mass – take your pick – choose whatever combination pleases you and ignore the rest. What kind of spiritual guidance is the Church offering?† â€Å"Third-century laws,† the second cardinal said,† cannot be applied to the modern followers of Christ. The rules are not workable in today’s society.† â€Å"Well, they seem to be working for Opus Dei!† â€Å"Bishop Aringarosa,† the secretariat said, his voice conclusive. â€Å"Out of respect for your organization’s relationship with the previous Pope, His Holiness will be giving Opus Dei six months to voluntarily break away from the Vatican. I suggest you cite your differences of opinion with the Holy See and establish yourself as your own Christian organization.† â€Å"I refuse!† Aringarosa declared. â€Å"And I’ll tell him that in person!† â€Å"I’m afraid His Holiness no longer cares to meet with you.† Aringarosa stood up. â€Å"He would not dare abolish a personal prelature established by a previous Pope!† â€Å"I’m sorry.† The secretariat’s eyes did not flinch. â€Å"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.† Aringarosa had staggered from that meeting in bewilderment and panic. Returning to New York, he stared out at the skyline in disillusionment for days, overwhelmed with sadness for the future of Christianity. It was several weeks later that he received the phone call that changed all that. The caller sounded French and identified himself as the Teacher – a title common in the prelature. He said he knew of the Vatican’s plans to pull support from Opus Dei. How could he know that? Aringarosa wondered. He had hoped only a handful of Vatican power brokers knew of Opus Dei’s impending annulment. Apparently the word was out. When it came to containing gossip, no walls in the world were as porous as those surrounding Vatican City. â€Å"I have ears everywhere, Bishop,† the Teacher whispered,† and with these ears I have gained certain knowledge. With your help, I can uncover the hiding place of a sacred relic that will bring you enormous power†¦ enough power to make the Vatican bow before you. Enough power to save the Faith.† He paused. â€Å"Not just for Opus Dei. But for all of us.† The Lord taketh away†¦and the Lord giveth.Aringarosa felt a glorious ray of hope. â€Å"Tell me your plan.† Bishop Aringarosa was unconscious when the doors of St. Mary’s Hospital hissed open. Silas lurched into the entryway delirious with exhaustion. Dropping to his knees on the tile floor, he cried out for help. Everyone in the reception area gaped in wonderment at the half-naked albino offering forth a bleeding clergyman. The doctor who helped Silas heave the delirious bishop onto a gurney looked gloomy as he felt Aringarosa’s pulse. â€Å"He’s lost a lot of blood. I am not hopeful.† Aringarosa’s eyes flickered, and he returned for a moment, his gaze locating Silas. â€Å"My child†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Silas’s soul thundered with remorse and rage. â€Å"Father, if it takes my lifetime, I will find the one who deceived us, and I will kill him.† Aringarosa shook his head, looking sad as they prepared to wheel him away. â€Å"Silas†¦ if you have learned nothing from me, please†¦ learn this.† He took Silas’s hand and gave it a firm squeeze. â€Å"Forgiveness is God’s greatest gift.† â€Å"But Father†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Aringarosa closed his eyes. â€Å"Silas, you must pray.† CHAPTER 101 Robert Langdon stood beneath the lofty cupola of the deserted Chapter House and stared into the barrel of Leigh Teabing’s gun. Robert, are you with me, or against me? The Royal Historian’s words echoed in the silence of Langdon’s mind. There was no viable response, Langdon knew. Answer yes, and he would be selling out Sophie. Answer no, and Teabing would have no choice but to kill them both. Langdon’s years in the classroom had not imbued him with any skills relevant to handling confrontations at gunpoint, but the classroom had taught him something about answering paradoxical questions. When a question has no correct answer, there is only one honest response. The gray area between yes and no. Silence. Staring at the cryptex in his hands, Langdon chose simply to walk away. Without ever lifting his eyes, he stepped backward, out into the room’s vast empty spaces. Neutral ground.He hoped his focus on the cryptex signaled Teabing that collaboration might be an option, and that his silence signaled Sophie he had not abandoned her. All the while buying time to think. The act of thinking, Langdon suspected, was exactly what Teabing wanted him to do. That’s whyhe handed me the cryptex.So I could feel the weight of my decision.The British historian hoped the touch of the Grand Master’s cryptex would make Langdon fully grasp the magnitude of its contents, coaxing his academic curiosity to overwhelm all else, forcing him to realize that failure to unlock the keystone would mean the loss of history itself. With Sophie at gunpoint across the room, Langdon feared that discovering the cryptex’s elusive password would be his only remaining hope of bartering her release. If I can free the map, Teabingwill negotiate.Forcing his mind to this critical task, Langdon moved slowly toward the far windows†¦ allowing his mind to fill with the numerous astronomical images on Newton’s tomb. You seek the orb that ought be on his tomb. It speaks of Rosy flesh and seeded womb. Turning his back to the others, he walked toward the towering windows, searching for any inspiration in their stained-glass mosaics. There was none. Place yourself in Sauniere’s mind, he urged, gazing outward now into College Garden. What wouldhe believe is the orb that ought be on Newton’s tomb? Images of stars, comets, and planets twinkled in the falling rain, but Langdon ignored them. Sauniere was not a man of science. He was a man of humanity, of art, of history. The sacred feminine†¦the chalice†¦the Rose†¦the banishedMary Magdalene†¦the decline of the goddess†¦the Holy Grail. Legend had always portrayed the Grail as a cruel mistress, dancing in the shadows just out of sight, whispering in your ear, luring you one more step and then evaporating into the mist. Gazing out at the rustling trees of College Garden, Langdon sensed her playful presence. The signs were everywhere. Like a taunting silhouette emerging from the fog, the branches of Britain’s oldest apple tree burgeoned with five-petaled blossoms, all glistening like Venus. The goddess was in the garden now. She was dancing in the rain, singing songs of the ages, peeking out from behind the bud-filled branches as if to remind Langdon that the fruit of knowledge was growing just beyond his reach. Across the room, Sir Leigh Teabing watched with confidence as Langdon gazed out the window as if under a spell. Exactly as I hoped, Teabing thought. He will come around. For some time now, Teabing had suspected Langdon might hold the key to the Grail. It was no coincidence that Teabing launched his plan into action on the same night Langdon was scheduled to meet Jacques Sauniere. Listening in on the curator, Teabing was certain the man’s eagerness to meet privately with Langdon could mean only one thing. Langdon’s mysterious manuscript has touched a nerve with the Priory. Langdon has stumbled onto a truth, and Sauniere fears its release.Teabing felt certain the Grand Master was summoning Langdon to silence him. The Truth has been silenced long enough! Teabing knew he had to act quickly. Silas’s attack would accomplish two goals. It would prevent Sauniere from persuading Langdon to keep quiet, and it would ensure that once the keystone was in Teabing’s hands, Langdon would be in Paris for recruitment should Teabing need him. Arranging the fatal meeting between Sauniere and Silas had been almost too easy. I had inside information about Sauniere’s deepest fears.Yesterday afternoon, Silas had phoned the curator and posed as a distraught priest. â€Å"Monsieur Sauniere, forgive me, I must speak to you at once. I should never breach the sanctity of the confessional, but in this case, I feel I must. I just took confession from a man who claimed to have murdered members of your family.† Sauniere’s response was startled but wary. â€Å"My family died in an accident. The police report was conclusive.† â€Å"Yes, a car accident,† Silas said, baiting the hook. â€Å"The man I spoke to said he forced their car off the road into a river.† Sauniere fell silent.† Monsieur Sauniere, I would never have phoned you directly except this man made a comment which makes me now fear for your safety.† He paused. â€Å"The man also mentioned your granddaughter, Sophie.† The mention of Sophie’s name had been the catalyst. The curator leapt into action. He ordered Silasto come see him immediately in the safest location Sauniere knew – his Louvre office. Then he phoned Sophie to warn her she might be in danger. Drinks with Robert Langdon were instantly abandoned. Now, with Langdon separated from Sophie on the far side of the room, Teabing sensed he had successfully alienated the two companions from one another. Sophie Neveu remained defiant, but Langdon clearly saw the larger picture. He was trying to figure out the password. He understands the importance of finding the Grail and releasing her from bondage. â€Å"He won’t open it for you,† Sophie said coldly. â€Å"Even if he can.† Teabing was glancing at Langdon as he held the gun on Sophie. He was fairly certain now he was going to have to use the weapon. Although the idea troubled him, he knew he would not hesitate if it came to that. I have given her every opportunity to do the right thing.The Grail is bigger than any one of us. At that moment, Langdon turned from the window. â€Å"The tomb†¦Ã¢â‚¬  he said suddenly, facing them with a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes. â€Å"I know where to look on Newton’s tomb. Yes, I think I can find the password!† Teabing’s heart soared. â€Å"Where, Robert? Tell me!† Sophie sounded horrified. â€Å"Robert, no! You’re not going to help him, are you?† Langdon approached with a resolute stride, holding the cryptex before him. â€Å"No,† he said, his eyes hardening as he turned to Leigh. â€Å"Not until he lets you go.† Teabing’s optimism darkened. â€Å"We are so close, Robert. Don’t you dare start playing games with me!† â€Å"No games,† Langdon said. â€Å"Let her go. Then I’ll take you to Newton’s tomb. We’ll open the cryptex together.† â€Å"I’m not going anywhere,† Sophie declared, her eyes narrowing with rage. â€Å"That cryptex was given to me by my grandfather. It is not yours to open.† Langdon wheeled, looking fearful. â€Å"Sophie, please! You’re in danger. I’m trying to help you!† â€Å"How? By unveiling the secret my grandfather died trying to protect? He trusted you, Robert. Itrusted you!† Langdon’s blue eyes showed panic now, and Teabing could not help but smile to see the two of them working against one another. Langdon’s attempts to be gallant were more pathetic than anything. On the verge of unveiling one of history’s greatest secrets, and he troubles himself with a woman who has proven herself unworthy of the quest. â€Å"Sophie,† Langdon pleaded. â€Å"Please†¦ you must leave.† She shook her head. â€Å"Not unless you either hand me the cryptex or smash it on the floor.† â€Å"What?† Langdon gasped.† Robert, my grandfather would prefer his secret lost forever than see it in the hands of his murderer.† Sophie’s eyes looked as if they would well with tears, but they did not. She stared directly back at Teabing. â€Å"Shoot me if you have to. I am not leaving my grandfather’s legacy in your hands.† Very well.Teabing aimed the weapon. â€Å"No!† Langdon shouted, raising his arm and suspending the cryptex precariously over the hard stone floor. â€Å"Leigh, if you even think about it, I will drop this.† Teabing laughed. â€Å"That bluff worked on Remy. Not on me. I know you better than that.† â€Å"Do you, Leigh?† Yes I do. Your poker face needs work, my friend. It took me several seconds, but I can see now that you are lying. You have no idea where on Newton’s tomb the answer lies. â€Å"Truly, Robert? You know where on the tomb to look?† â€Å"I do.† The falter in Langdon’s eyes was fleeting but Leigh caught it. There was a lie there. A desperate, pathetic ploy to save Sophie. Teabing felt a profound disappointment in Robert Langdon. I am a lone knight, surrounded by unworthy souls. And I will have to decipher the keystone on my own. Langdon and Neveu were nothing but a threat to Teabing now†¦ and to the Grail. As painful as the solution was going to be, he knew he could carry it out with a clean conscience. The only challenge would be to persuade Langdon to set down the keystone so Teabing could safely end this charade. â€Å"A show of faith,† Teabing said, lowering the gun from Sophie. â€Å"Set down the keystone, and we’ll talk.† Langdon knew his lie had failed. He could see the dark resolve in Teabing’s face and knew the moment was upon them. When I setthis down, he will kill us both.Even without looking at Sophie, he could hear her heart beseeching him in silent desperation. Robert, this man is not worthy of the Grail.Please do not place it in his hands.No matter what the cost. Langdon had already made his decision several minutes ago, while standing alone at the window overlooking College Garden. Protect Sophie. Protect the Grail. Langdon had almost shouted out in desperation. But I cannot see how! The stark moments of disillusionment had brought with them a clarity unlike any he had ever felt. The Truth is right before your eyes, Robert.He knew not from where the epiphany came. The Grailis not mocking you, she is calling out to a worthy soul. Now, bowing down like a subject several yards in front of Leigh Teabing, Langdon lowered the cryptex to within inches of the stone floor. â€Å"Yes, Robert,† Teabing whispered, aiming the gun at him. â€Å"Set it down.† Langdon’s eyes moved heavenward, up into the gaping void of the Chapter House cupola. Crouching lower, Langdon lowered his gaze to Teabing’s gun, aimed directly at him. â€Å"I’m sorry, Leigh.† In one fluid motion, Langdon leapt up, swinging his arm skyward, launching the cryptex straight up toward the dome above. Leigh Teabing did not feel his finger pull the trigger, but the Medusa discharged with a thundering crash. Langdon’s crouched form was now vertical, almost airborne, and the bullet exploded in the floor near Langdon’s feet. Half of Teabing’s brain attempted to adjust his aim and fire again in rage, but the more powerful half dragged his eyes upward into the cupola. The keystone! Time seemed to freeze, morphing into a slow-motion dream as Teabing’s entire world became the airborne keystone. He watched it rise to the apex of its climb†¦ hovering for a moment in the void†¦ and then tumbling downward, end over end, back toward the stone floor. All of Teabing’s hopes and dreams were plummeting toward earth. It cannot strike the floor! I can reach it! Teabing’s body reacted on instinct. He released the gun and heaved himself forward, dropping his crutches as he reached out with his soft, manicured hands. Stretching his arms and fingers, he snatched the keystone from midair. Falling forward with the keystone victoriously clutched in his hand, Teabing knew he was falling too fast. With nothing to break his fall, his outstretched arms hit first, and the cryptex collided hard with the floor. There was a sickening crunch of glass within. For a full second, Teabing did not breathe. Lying there outstretched on the cold floor, staring the length of his outstretched arms at the marble cylinder in his bare palms, he implored the glass vial inside to hold. Then the acrid tang of vinegar cut the air, and Teabing felt the cool liquid flowing out through the dials onto his palm. Wild panic gripped him. NO! The vinegar was streaming now, and Teabing pictured the papyrus dissolving within. Robert, you fool! The secret is lost! Teabing felt himself sobbing uncontrollably. The Grail is gone.Everything destroyed.Shuddering in disbelief over Langdon’s actions, Teabing tried to force the cylinder apart, longing to catch a fleeting glimpse of history before it dissolved forever. To his shock, as he pulled the ends of the keystone, the cylinder separated. He gasped and peered inside. It was empty except for shards of wet glass. No dissolving papyrus. Teabing rolled over and looked up at Langdon. Sophie stood beside him, aiming the gun down at Teabing. Bewildered, Teabing looked back at the keystone and saw it. The dials were no longer at random. They spelled a five-letter word: APPLE. â€Å"The orb from which Eve partook,† Langdon said coolly,† incurring the Holy wrath of God. Original sin. The symbol of the fall of the sacred feminine.† Teabing felt the truth come crashing down on him in excruciating austerity. The orb that ought be on Newton’s tomb could be none other than the Rosy apple that fell from heaven, struck Newton on the head, and inspired his life’s work. His labor’s fruit! The Rosy flesh with a seeded womb! â€Å"Robert,† Teabing stammered, overwhelmed. â€Å"You opened it. Where†¦ is the map?† Without blinking, Langdon reached into the breast pocket of his tweed coat and carefully extracted a delicate rolled papyrus. Only a few yards from where Teabing lay, Langdon unrolled the scroll and looked at it. After a long moment, a knowing smile crossed Langdon’s face. He knows! Teabing’s heart craved that knowledge. His life’s dream was right in front of him. â€Å"Tell me!† Teabing demanded. â€Å"Please! Oh God, please! It’s not too late!† As the sound of heavy footsteps thundered down the hall toward the Chapter House, Langdon quietly rolled the papyrus and slipped it back in his pocket. â€Å"No!† Teabing cried out, trying in vain to stand. When the doors burst open, Bezu Fache entered like a bull into a ring, his feral eyes scanning, finding his target – Leigh Teabing – helpless on the floor. Exhaling in relief, Fache holstered his Manurhin sidearm and turned to Sophie. â€Å"Agent Neveu, I am relieved you and Mr. Langdon are safe. You should have come in when I asked.† The British police entered on Fache’s heels, seizing the anguished prisoner and placing him in handcuffs. Sophie seemed stunned to see Fache. â€Å"How did you find us?† Fache pointed to Teabing. â€Å"He made the mistake of showing his ID when he entered the abbey. The guards heard a police broadcast about our search for him.† â€Å"It’s in Langdon’s pocket!† Teabing was screaming like a madman. â€Å"The map to the Holy Grail!† As they hoisted Teabing and carried him out, he threw back his head and howled. â€Å"Robert! Tell me where it’s hidden!† As Teabing passed, Langdon looked him in the eye. â€Å"Only the worthy find the Grail, Leigh. You taught me that.† How to cite The Da Vinci Code Chapter 100-101, Essay examples

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Mythology And Humanity Essay Example For Students

Mythology And Humanity Essay History reminds us we do not exist in a vacuum but are beings part of a larger whole dependent on shared wisdoms and beliefs. Countless aeons of story telling traditions and evolving mythologies speak to the very heart of our humanity. These shared stories, rituals and wisdoms have fallen by the wayside leaving our children with a sense of profound isolation and detachment. By ignoring the richness of symbolic language and lore, we offer our children a barren wasteland of artifice and transparent tales, spoon-fed ideas and empty thoughts. Gone is the world of exploration, replaced instead by the quick fixes of sit coms, movies, video games and on-line chat rooms. Poetic language and the art of communication is lost to vulgarity and coarseness. Heroic stories of wonder and enchantment gather dust while spandex clad wrestlers in the ring of artifice and glitz become the Titans of our childrens fantasy lives. Although we can make room for the pleasures of simple entertainment, we cannot use it as the sustenance for our childrens imaginations. Why do some of us expect so little of our children and offer them so little in return? Why have we forgotten to give them credit for being complex and capable human beings? Mythology Essays .

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Bismans Social Work Values The Moral core of Profession

Hypothesis In these modern days, acquired knowledge for professional purposes has replaced the core values and mission of social work in industrialized countries. The belief that the society has a moral obligation to cater for social needs of poor people has reduced considerably.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Bisman’s Social Work Values: The Moral core of Profession specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Goal To establish the reasons behind shifting priorities from social objectives to professional social work Recommendations As a result of professionalizing social work, there should be a will to improve conditions of poor people in the society. The need to eradicate extreme poverty should not be individualized or regarded as philanthropic. Instead, it should be regarded as a need to undertake social reforms. The reforms must involve people in all classes of society. There is need for social workers to spend m ore time in analyzing moral ambiguities. Social benefits should be evenly distributed in the society while skills and knowledge are improved through scientific means. In her article, Bisman says â€Å"if we wish to improve the conditions of the poor we must adopt scientific measures† (Bisman, 2004, p. 113). This will solve some of the social problems. Clear objectives ought to be developed to guide professionals of social sciences in maintaining basic moral values. It can be done by both individual and collective moral responsibilities and basic values. Other professionals in law and philosophy should be involved in building moral base. Consequences Consequences may include men and women losing their human dignity. Professionalizing social work increases the need for expertise and applied formal knowledge for social interests. It may also lead to loss of moral values through development of skills and knowledge without considering the resulting moral degradation. â€Å"Those who are financially able may buy their way out of collective responsibility, paying less into the pool of public funds yet benefiting more from public services† (Bisman, 2004, p. 117). This may lead to social unrest.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This essay on Bisman’s Social Work Values: The Moral core of Profession was written and submitted by user Julissa C. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.